Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Play-based learning - our new afternoon initiative!

This term, we started exploring Play-Based learning in our classroom. It is still very new, however, we are already loving it and seeing a great change in how we work together. 
When we do play-based learning, we get to choose what rotation we want to do. At the moment, it is a little bit like Discovery Time, but next term, we are going to be taking more responsibility to manage ourselves and to play in different ways that we choose.
Here's what we have to say about it all so far...
"Play-Based learning has created a better class community. We are working more as a team now. We are learning great social skills such as listening to others, taking turns and using our manners. There are also thinking skills being developed too - such as creativity and critical thinking. Students are the most engaged I have seen them and they are always eager to explore new forms of play." ~ Miss T
"I love Play-Based learning because I get to play with different people in the class and make new friends" ~ Lochy
"I like Play-Based learning because I get to do things I like, like Lego or Art, not just Maths and Reading all the time" ~ Eric

A brief explanation about Play- Based Learning from Discovery Time NZ
"Play is an essential part of a child's social, emotional, physical and cognitive development. For many teachers and parents 'play' has attracted a negative 'time wasting' connotation but in reality play is a vital part of every child's development. 
"It allows them to test ideas, work through uncertainties, explore social interactions  and make sense of the world around them. Play has no predetermined outcome or time limit. It is not about an end product but about a process.  It's the exploration of ideas that is crucial.  Play is children's work.
Here we are in ACTION...

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