Thursday, 13 April 2017

CSI Week - Term 1

This week, we became DETECTIVES and had to solve the crime of the missing cookie!

We learnt lots of new skills to help us analyse the crime scene and solve the crime. We learnt how to take and identify finger prints, we extracted DNA, learnt how to analyse handwriting samples, we wrote our own alibis, we interrogated "suspects" around the school and learnt heaps about Forensic Science.

We had a blast, and we worked together to solve the crime and put the "criminal" in hand cuffs!

Sunday, 9 April 2017

What Now Excitement!

a MASSIVE thank you to everyone for coming out in the early hours of Sunday morning to drop us off at What Now. We had such as wicked time filming on set with Ronnie and Chris, they sure were energetic!

Well done to Colbie for her fantastic interviewing skills, you did us proud! A big congratulations to everyone in Room 18 for representing our kura with pride, fun and of course foamed faces!

You can watch the full episode here on TVNZ on demand.