Thursday, 9 February 2017

Storytelling - Mother Doesn't Want a Dog...

This week we have begun our journey into "Storytelling". Many of us have had a go at Storytelling last year, but for some of us, it was brand new!

Storytelling is a method for teaching writing, which involves lots of talking, lots of moving and lots of in-depth teaching! It is great fun and has had amazing results in many different schools (mostly in the UK, where it first began).

There are 4 parts of Storytelling: HEAR - when we listen to Miss T tell us a story, MAP - where we draw a "map" of the important parts of the story, STEP - where we say the most important parts of the story and take a step to move through them, and SPEAK - where we retell the story ourselves.

When we know the story really well, we begin to use it in writing. This week, we have been doing a short poem called "Mother Doesn't Want a Dog". Be sure to ask us to retell the poem to you, it really is quite a funny one!

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