Friday, 10 June 2016

Charlotte's Web - Persuasive Writing

We have been learning how to write a persuasive argument. We wrote about Charlotte's Web this week. We had to decide if whether or not Mr Arable should let Fern keep Wilbur.

Here are some of our writing pieces:

Charlotte's web - By Charlie P

Do you think Mr Arable should keep Wilbur? I say yes because Fern did a good job of looking after Wilbur.

I reckon Fern should keep Wilbur because she is a nice caring and cheerful person. She feeds Wilbur every single day and washes him. Wilbur is so cute.

Wilbur wins a very very great prize. The prize was a 10 dollar bill and 5 dollar bill. Charlotte made a magnificent web the name on it was could some pig.

That's why mr Arable should of kept Wilber.   

Should Mr Arable let Fern keep Wilbur? - By Kaycee

If Fern can't keep Wilbur then she would be terribly upset.Fern would probably be crying for the rest of her life.Fern would be very very upset .

I think if Mr Arable lets Fern keep Wilbur .Then he could turn into a great amazing pig when he gets older .He doesn't cause any trouble or anything .He could grow up into a big strong pig.If Fern can't keep Wilbur she would probably burst into tears .

That is why I think Mr Arable should let Fern keep Wilbur .

Wilbur - By Isaiah 

Do you think Mr Arable should let Fern keep wilbur? here are some reason why he should not let her keep wilbur.

Mr Arable should not let Fern keep wilbur because she won’t have eney friends.So  when she is older she will not have friends and she would be stuck with wilbur.

It is natural for farmers to eat pigs. It would good because they would make a delicious  christmas dinner with his family and friends with other yummy food that is going to be eaten.

That is why Mr Arable should not let Fern keep Wilbur.

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