Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Matariki Art...

Today we created some Matariki art. We collected leaves from the playground. Then we painted them like the night sky. We then stuck on silver stars to represents the stars of Matariki.

Sunday, 12 June 2016

Some AMAZING Home Learning!

Logan has been working very hard on his Home Learning this year and last week he got to present his piece of art work in Whanau Hui.

He created it using crayons and a blow dryer. Here is his artwork:

Charlie D has also been working hard on his Home Learning and has designed and created his own bedroom. Here is his design, complete with a clock, a record player and a Star Wars book. 

Check out Kakariki reading group hard at work!

Busy little beavers working hard on their Reading!

Friday, 10 June 2016

Charlotte's Web - Persuasive Writing

We have been learning how to write a persuasive argument. We wrote about Charlotte's Web this week. We had to decide if whether or not Mr Arable should let Fern keep Wilbur.

Here are some of our writing pieces:

Charlotte's web - By Charlie P

Do you think Mr Arable should keep Wilbur? I say yes because Fern did a good job of looking after Wilbur.

I reckon Fern should keep Wilbur because she is a nice caring and cheerful person. She feeds Wilbur every single day and washes him. Wilbur is so cute.

Wilbur wins a very very great prize. The prize was a 10 dollar bill and 5 dollar bill. Charlotte made a magnificent web the name on it was could some pig.

That's why mr Arable should of kept Wilber.   

Should Mr Arable let Fern keep Wilbur? - By Kaycee

If Fern can't keep Wilbur then she would be terribly upset.Fern would probably be crying for the rest of her life.Fern would be very very upset .

I think if Mr Arable lets Fern keep Wilbur .Then he could turn into a great amazing pig when he gets older .He doesn't cause any trouble or anything .He could grow up into a big strong pig.If Fern can't keep Wilbur she would probably burst into tears .

That is why I think Mr Arable should let Fern keep Wilbur .

Wilbur - By Isaiah 

Do you think Mr Arable should let Fern keep wilbur? here are some reason why he should not let her keep wilbur.

Mr Arable should not let Fern keep wilbur because she won’t have eney friends.So  when she is older she will not have friends and she would be stuck with wilbur.

It is natural for farmers to eat pigs. It would good because they would make a delicious  christmas dinner with his family and friends with other yummy food that is going to be eaten.

That is why Mr Arable should not let Fern keep Wilbur.

Thursday, 9 June 2016

40 hour famine!

Miss T has now finished her 40 hour famine challenge - living out of one backpack for 40 hours!

She was very excited to finish today, and finally take the backpack off. She is looking forward to shower and some good food!

Miss T - thank you to all those who donated, I've nearly reached my target of $150 so thank you all very much indeed! And thank you to Room 18 who helped me, supported me and of course, challenged me greatly whilst out doing the walk with the backpack. Was good fun.

Good luck to all those doing the challenge this weekend :)

Teach Me Tuesday - An awesome afternoon!

Luca and Hunter taught us how to create Jaguar masks out of paper plates. It required a lot of concentration but the end results were awesome! Miss T might even let us create more masks like this for plays!

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Another visit from Natalie!

Last week, Mrs Hurdle's little bundle of joy came in to visit us again. We were very lucky to get to see her, she was a perfect little member of the class. Quiet and relaxed! Both Mum and Bub are doing really well!

Samoan Language Week 2016

Last week we celebrated Vaiaso o le Gagana Samoa - Samoan Language Week 2016.

There were lots of activities to do around the school such as making ula/aso (leis), learning to Siva Samoa (dancing) and story time - hearing of some traditional Samoan legends.

We also got to make Sapa Sui for us and our buddy class. It was a meat and noodle dish and boy was it yummy! Thanks to Te Ruapounamu, Charlie D, Nevaeh and Seb for making all the food up for us.