Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Room 18 become astronauts!

Here are some photos of the cool astronauts we made today! We are now up in space flying from the ceiling of the class!

Mrs Hurdle and Baby Hurdle come for a visit!

Today we got to meet the gorgeous Natalie, who is now 2 weeks old! Room 18 think she is the cutest little thing and we can't wait til she is old enough for some cuddles! Both Mum and bub are doing very well, happy and healthy!

3, 2, 1,- Blast off!!

After learning all about Space Travel yesterday, we decided today to design our own types of space craft to get us around the galaxy! 

Here are some of our awesome ideas (NASA watch out!):

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Galaxies in a Jar!

Today we created our very own galaxies/nebulas in a jar! It was a tricky process, but we had lots of helping hands to help us create these amazing treasures!