Monday, 18 May 2015

Cross Country

On Wednesday the 6th May, we had the Lower Middle Syndicate Cross Country. We had been training hard for the first 2 weeks of term but we were all still a bit nervous. When the whistle blew, we ran our hardest! Room 9 did an awesome job with Ben, Isaiah, Jenayde and Josh N all finishing within the top 5 of their year groups. It was an awesome effort from everyone!

Sign Language Week

Week 3 this term was New Zealand Sign Language Week. This was something that was really important in Room 9 because we use sign language to communicate with Grita.

During the week, we all learnt the alphabet, how to say good morning and good afternoon, our names, different fruits and some simple instructions in sign language. We worked hard to do the roll silently every morning. On the Friday, we had a sign language competition! From 9am until morning tea, we could only sign. It was very difficult, even Miss T had to talk once or twice because she couldn't find how to sign some instructions. Everyone worked really hard though, and we managed to make it the whole morning only signing.

If you would like to learn some sign language too, you can play Sign Language Ninja, like we did:

The most exciting part of Sign Language week was that Room 9 was running assembly. This meant we could teach the Lower Middle Syndicate some of our sign language, like how to clap silently! We also performed a song in sign, the A B C song which is Grita's favourite.

We were very lucky as well because Jessica and her Dad, Grant, organised for a special visitor to come and see us. Rodney, who was born deaf, came to talk and sign to us about his life as a Deaf Black - the All Blacks for the hearing impaired. It was very interesting and we were privileged to hear his story.

Here is a picture of us performing the A B C song to Grita......

Anzac Day Work

Here is a poem about Anzac Day by Corban.....

By Cobran McGill
We lost war at ANZAC cove
Many soldiers died and got wounded.
They shall not grow old as we that are left grow old age
Shall not weary them nor the years condemn
And at the going down of sun and in the morning
We will remember them.
They stood tall and marched  100 years ago.
Wars still go on.
And if you are wondering what ANZAC means,
It means Australia and New Zealand Army Corps.

Anzac Day Commemorations

For the first week back of Term 2, we were learning all about Anzac Day and what it means. We learnt all about Anzac cove, the allies, the men and women who fought for our freedom and all the different ways that New Zealand commemorates this special day.

On Friday the 24th, we had Anzac Day services at school. The whole school listened to speeches by the prefects, sung songs with the choir and had a minutes silence to remember those we lost. Room 9 played a special part in the service. We showed our artwork of the poppies, the first flowers that grew in the fields where the soldiers fought.

We also learnt the Ode of Remembrance and performed this at the service. It was a very special event. Check out the video..........

Welcome to Term 2


Kia ora Everybody and welcome to the new Room 9 blog! 

Sorry it has taken a little while to get it off the ground and running but here we are...

Term 2 is underway and we have many new and exciting adventures ahead of us.

Keep watching this space to see where the next 11 weeks takes us!